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Individual Therapy

Individuals will find a nurturing, comfortable and private setting to work on healing from within. We ensure individuals have access to exploring therapeutic goals at their own pace, while providing therapists who possess the clinical expertise to help each client navigate their own individual journey.

Girl in Therapy
Young Family

Family Therapy

We provide the space needed to help families improve communication and resolve conflicts. Family therapy can be an integral part of the functioning of the family and the home environment. During family sessions we encourage building relationships, healthy communication and solving family problems. In addition, exploring dynamics between family members can lead to better understanding and provide tools for effective conflict resolution. 

Telehealth Services

Telehealth sessions are offered for clients who would prefer interactions outside of the traditional office setting. Please check with your therapist for more information regarding in-person visits.

***Please Note***
Telehealth sessions are expanded due to ongoing COVID-19 precautions. 

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Community Support Services

Mending Hearts is now offering Comprehensive Community Support Services alongside Therapy. Our Certified Community Support Staff will work alongside clients to help them access the necessary resources and support. They will also utilize coaching techniques to help clients learn important skills and empower them to succeed.

Support Services Offered

  • Housing Support

  • Food Access

  • Transportation Access

  • Education Access

  • Employment Skills

  • Social and Community Skills

  • Skill building to improve Independent Functioning

CCSS Description
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